A Guide to HL Addresses and Sites

Where Did Harold Lloyd Live and Work?

How can I stand on the same ground he once stepped upon?

The following are links to maps of various locales where Harold Lloyd lived and worked (with years in parentheses). Click on the location that interests you — and, if you ever visit any of the cities represented, you can have the same thrill I have: of standing where Harold once lived. Hey, we’re fans!

This list is shared for informational purposes only. It is not intended to encourage fans to make their presence known on these sites. The now-private homes are just that, private, and it is requested that, should visits be made to any location, courteous respect for the privacy of the site(s) be adhered to. No shrines! No candlelight vigils! No singing of Freshie out in the streets! No climbing/dangling, etc.!

24 Pawnee Street, Burchard, Nebraska – Harold’s birthplace (1893-94)

1008 8th Street, Pawnee City, Nebraska – a boyhood homestead (1894-95)

1134 W. 13th, Denver, Colorado – a boyhood homestead (1896-98)

64 S. Lincoln Street, Denver – a boyhood homestead (1899-1901)

614 N. 21st Street, Omaha, Nebraska – a boyhood homestead (1907)

1722 Dodge Street, Omaha – a boyhood homestead (1908)

2836 Burt Street, Omaha – a boyhood homestead (1909)

2469 Harvey, Omaha – a boyhood homestead (1910)

The Chatham, 110 S. 13th Street, Omaha – rooms (1911)

325 B Street, San Diego, California – residence after the coin flip (1912)

950 3rd Street, San Diego – venue of father Foxy’s billiard & pool hall (1912)

326 S. Main Street, Los Angeles, California – apartment, now a parking lot (1913-15)

Bradbury Mansion, 406 Court Street, Los Angeles – Rolin studio and on/off offices, demolished 1929 (1914-20)

907 Brockman Building, Los Angeles – Rolin offices (1915-19)

557 S. Fremont Avenue, Los Angeles – apartment, now an office building (1915-18)

369 S. Hoover Street, Los Angeles – Harold’s first house; now an apartment (1918-24)

908 S. Broadway, Los Angeles – building set of clock sequence in Safety Last! (1923)

512 W. Adams Boulevard, Los Angeles – St. John’s Episcopal Church, site of marriage of Harold & Mildred, February 10, 1923

8822 W. Washington Boulevard, Culver City, California – Hal Roach Studios (1919-63)

1040 Las Palmas Avenue, Hollywood, California – home of HL Corporation

502 S. Irving Boulevard, Los Angeles – last home before his ultimate (1924-30)

Greenacres – 1225 Benedict Canyon Drive, Beverly Hills, California, now 1740 Greenacres Place (1930-71)

443 Pacific Coast Highway, Santa Monica, California – Lloyd beach house (1931-71)

3450 Watts Way, Los Angeles – the HL Motion Picture Scoring Sound Stage at USC

8474 Melrose Avenue, West Hollywood – HL’s carriage house, now Lucques restaurant

Westwood Location Ranch, Santa Monica Boulevard, Los Angeles – site of filming of Speedy and The Cat’s Paw, now the Mormon Temple and Family History Center

Forest Lawn Memorial Park, 1712 S. Glendale Avenue, Glendale, California – final resting place of HL, wife Mildred Davis, parents James Darsie and Elizabeth Fraser Lloyd, brother Gaylord Lloyd, sister-in-law Maye Belle Lloyd, and son Harold Lloyd, Jr.

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  1. Alice McGrath says:

    I’d love to visit any of those spots! And know what? Just because you asked me not to, I now have the urge to sing Freshie for all to hear…and, of course, I’ll do that while I’m climbing/dangling from any tall buildings that suit my fancy. “Oh, why do they all pick on Freshie…?”

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