Need to get a Harold fix but not near a DVD player or a smart theatre playing one of his films? Well, you have found your special page: I have compiled (and will continue to add) some of my picks for the best video links of HL. And, of course, if you have a favorite that is not here, by all means add it via Comment. Enjoy! And may these clip fests make you want to add HL to your home viewing library!!!

 (A clip compilation set to “I’m Too Sexy,” edited by ME in 2002)

(My featurette on the Harold Lloyd Comedy Collection DVD; 2005)

(HL in Character Studies, circa 1924, costarring Carter DeHaven, Buster Keaton, Roscoe Arbuckle, Rudolph Valentino, Douglas Fairbanks, and Jackie Coogan … an adorable glimpse of the stars in propria persona … well, kind of …)

(HL on What’s My Line, April 26, 1953)

(HL on Calendar, April 16, 1962; part 1 of 3 (parts 2 and 3 are available for viewing on the same YouTube page)

(Hollywood Hist-O-Rama, 1962; mostly fluff, but contains great stills)

(HL included in a 1932 offering of Screen Snapshots, from 1932 … I have a particular penchant for this program, having co-catalogued the series with Anthony Slide  for the AMPAS film archive in 1998)

(Mickey’s Gala Premiere, 1933, featuring HL caricature – among many others)

(Oswald the Lucky Rabbit in Merry Old Soul, 1933, featuring a HL bit featuring his glasses that you will love!)

(What’s Cookin’ Doc?, 1944, featuring HL’s cement block at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre – along with that of Shirley Temple and Joe E. Brown)

(Long instrumental open to Time-Life series of HL films, mid-1970s)

 (Hey There!, 1918)

 (Among Those Present, 1921, the full 3 reels; no music, so hum through it. Worth it.)

 (A very cool fan compilation with lots of delicious clips, and nice music by The Pixies)

 (Another fan montage – great clips chosen and, again, terrific music accompanying them)

 (HL montage edited to The Beatles’ “Help!” – a brilliant combination!)

 (“Chaotic Silence,” from YouTube – I like it!)

(“Act Naturally,” from YouTube – I like it!)

(A neat concept: a visual filmography of HL, with stills/posters/frame captures where possible. There are some errors – wrong pictures or films – but very cool nonetheless … check my filmography under The Films for the correct one, BTW.) (A Sammy in Siberia from the Internet Archive website) (A Jazzed Honeymoon from Internet Archive) (Never Weaken from Internet Archive) (Number, Please? from Internet Archive)

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